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Aleph concepts

The concepts we use explained

All Aleph concepts can be identified by our knowledge rocket:



HAVE means High Added Value Exchanged. SLA means Service Level Agreement.

One engages experts and businesses and enters into a process of simply adding value and gaining expertise and knowledge from them. You in turn provide them with services, which may be useful to them.

Asset Lists

Your experiences are valuable for the future and are what you use to Barter .

Your relationships through family, friends, hobbies, sport and institutions works like bridges to hook you into trusted networks.



Value Exchanged

Barter is to trade goods or services without the exchange of money. Exchange value for value. Barter with your chosen experts for their expertise in exchange for your services.


Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Career Owner

A career owner is an individual that runs his career like a business. Using the same processes a business owner will use to run a successful business.


Council of Many & Council of the Wise:

The elder of society intervenes and is mentioned in the Bible. The Elder has a duty to intervene when process loss is observed. Should you not listen the services of two more will be engaged.


Aleph uses different communication models. Among them are the following:

Whole communication


Elephant Model

P.E.T Parent Effectiveness Training

Games people play

and many more...


Aleph uses the continuous principle though in all it's products, services, packaged processes and case studies. Life keeps on happening and one should keep on adapting to and growing with ones continuously changing environment.


Enterprise Career Plan:

Do you have a plan with your career? Do you know what your Life Income is?


Enterprise Curriculum Vitae:

Consists of a process of discovering your personal profile and sharing that with the world. You can now engage the expertise to grow and solidify your ECV.


  • Industrious, systematic activity, especially when directed toward profit: Private enterprise is basic to capitalism.
  • Willingness to undertake new ventures; initiative: “Through want of enterprise and faith men are where they are, buying and selling, and spending their lives like serfs” (Henry David Thoreau).

Engagement processes

Transform your needs and wants into requirements, find out who does have the resources and what they require and then barter, engage these chosen experts with a proposed value exchanged contract.


The IWMMRS process consists of five phases,

Intervene : The external coach intervenes and creates awareness about what exists.

Wake it up : Wake up the action plan needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Make it up : Structure the action plan towards the desired outcome.

Make it happen : What is the next action step towards success.

Results sustained : Repeat the process continuously and multiply your growth as an individual.

Inside out

Inside yourself Out:

Develop your business as an Enterprise . (The next step). There is something that makes you come alive, that gives you energy, these lie within us, driving us towards our BHAG!

You have the abilities, skills and inner resources that you need now. Use/discover what you have now to achieve more of what you want. To reach your full potential means change. To change you require access to expertise and projects.

To reach your goal this change must be sustained. Develop your career as an enterprise. (Wake it up, Make it up, Make it happen - WMMR). Develop as an enterprising individual. (Your potential)     

Join the Global Village & Join the Economy

You grow, have more access are able to be more productive, grow your income and as a result you become part of growing the economy. You are a citizen of the Global Village because you are participating and sharing in the global flow of knowledge.

Mind Sweeps

The process should make your mind ready and free of clutter. Find all the past unfinished, commitments, your current wishes and plans.                     

Only you are the expert on you

Only you know what you need NOW, in the place you are now, in order to go where you want to be. Therefore knowing yourself continuously is key to the process of being an enterprising individual.

It all starts exactly where you are NOW and is a continuous process. Are you looking for more? Can you be more? Would you like to experience more wealth, time, opportunities and growth?

Only you know where and what makes your mouth curl up at the ends? You can start adding value NOW to the people around you to achieve more of what you want… (link through to sharing model enabling a link to discover self)   


We organize using the workflow taught in the processes of CKID ( Continuously Keep it Done)

Owner families

These are families which have been successfully running businesses for a few generations. They have knowledge "built in" from early childhood which many individuals will find of great value in their own lives. Aleph strives to make this working knowledge freely available.

Shopping Shelf

Your shopping shelf is effectively that which you have to offer to the world now, the skills you have grown in and are fluent in. The areas in which you can add value to others and in projects.

Six Shooter

Using your hands make them into two "guns". Your thumbs point up representing you saying thank you to God for your talents and passions. Your two index fingers points to the person standing in front of you, saying thank you to them for their influence on you. There are six fingers pointing back at you, the six shooter. Now, six times over, ask yourself, what can you do for the person standing in front of you?


We use the concept of stacking throughout our projects and interaction with other individuals. When we refer to stacking we mean "look for the overlaps in projects, relationships and resources" before committing blindly to something. Even a paid project should be tested for stacking, it is a very healthy process. For example: The project is to develop a website for a school. Possible stacking for the school could be to engage those that have vested interest in the school to pay for the complete site, because they want to use the site as advertising. For the site developer this could be positive because they get to know the different people and businesses involved with the school, which could yield positive new relationships.


Skills, Talents, Opportunities, Relationships, Resources, Gifts, Intelligences, Experiences, Spiral upwards

The Games People Play

In families and groups, one often finds the same patterns repeating. More of the same always means you end up with less. Be brave and follow the safe processes to choose the Games you play.


One will always experience emotions. These are your only truths and should be highly regarded for their value in warning you about something in ones life. Transform these emotions to facilitate in uncovering the best next action.

Unconsciously Unaware to Subconsciously Aware

This is what Aleph strives to achieve through the individuals and their products, we represent. Cause awareness of the knowledge that already exists and might be needed in the environment one is in and the challenges you are facing.

Value Exchanged



Value exchanged is to trade goods or services without the exchange of money. Exchange value for value. Add value to your chosen experts for their expertise in exchange for your services.


Working Structures consists of family, church, community, education, health, civic, civil and business.


World Wide Web, Internet or The Web